I just priced out solid fencing and it is more than I want to spend. Is electronic fencing less expensive?
Yes, Pricing for electronic fencing is significantly less expensive than solid fencing. Our custom fit Electronic Dog Fence systems are the perfect solution when solid fencing is too expensive or is not an option due to other circumstances.

Do you work in VA, MD, DC?
Yes, we install and repair electronic pet fencing systems all over VA, MD and DC. We have the in-house experience to know what works. We have invested in very specialized equipment so that your project will be done right and the system will work properly for you.

Can you fix my existing system?
Yes, we fix any dog fence system.

I just got a puppy, when should I have the system installed?
Typically we recommend waiting until the puppy is six months old to install the system and start the training. Call us about 2 months before your pup is 6 months old and we will get you all ready for your installation.

Help, I just bought a system online. It is way too much work and I'm too busy to install it properly. Will you install it for me?
Sure, we install all systems. Weather we provide the system or you provide the system, it's all good.

I brought a system from my previous home to my new home, can you install my old system for me?
Sure, we install all systems. Weather we provide the system or you provide the system, it's all good.

I'm not sure about training the dog, will you help with that?
We will go through the training method with you so you and your dog are totally comfortable with your new Electronic Dog Fence. We Guarantee that we will not leave your project until we ask the question:
Are you totally comfortable with your new system and with the training?
And you say---YES!

Do you have photos of your completed projects and testimonials from your Clients I can see? I just want to be comfortable that I hire someone who knows what they are doing.
We understand. We have many project photos of our completed work and Happy Dog/Client referrals on this website. Just check out our "HAPPY CLIENTS" tab. You will find tons of completed projects and referrals from our Clients.

What is the warrantee on the system?
We provide a limited lifetime warrantee on the system and the installation. For as long as your dog is on the system in the home, we will replace or repair any manufacturing issue with the system or the installation at no cost to you. The warrantee does not cover environmental issues like the landscapers cutting the line when installing a new tree, your dog chewing the collar left on the floor, etc.

Are you involved in the dog lover community?
We are committed to the dog lover community and we believe our service is highly valuable for pets, pet owners, and their neighbors.
We participate in events for dog lovers and donate a portion of our proceeds to local shelters, spca, adoption centers, and other pet organizations.
We will provide educational information and presentations on electronic dog fence systems to any interested group (trainers, homeowners associations , realtors, kennel clubs, adoption centers, etc.) for free.

Do you have any discounts or coupons?
Our main mission is pet safety and security. We don't want a pet to go without a safe and secure environment.
We support our military, police, other first responders and our peers in pet related organizations by offering either a five percent discount off your installation labor or a five percent donation to your favorite pet support group.

Many HOA's in neighborhoods now wont allow solid fencing and we install electronic fencing in this situation all the time.

How do I contact you directly?
Call us at 703-570-6675 in Va or 240-644-8313 in MD/DC or contact us through the "CONTACT" tab on this website.